Are you intimidated by the idea of being an average !!!

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“Life is a race. Run as fast as you can, else the competitors would screw you down and reach the post” – a famous dialogue cited from the most well-known bolly movie ‘3-IDIOTS’. The virus of being ahead of all the times has creeped into every young mind of the age. Being at the top….being one different from the crowd…being a north star – is an immediate response of people of the decade, if asked about the motives of life.

Yes, thats inevidently true, an overriding fear that afflicts most of us is the fear of being an average. To score average in any test or to be called ‘one of the crowd’ is a matter of life and death to each one of us. Nobody wants to be an ‘also was…’ and most of our struggles are directed towards proving how different we are from others.
We want to be extraordinary, nobody wants to live an ordinary life and die unsung. Well, what does an ordinary life cost..? We are all born, learn to talk/walk, go to school, then college, get a job, raise a family and then die…? and the game overs. Living an average life everyone else does, are we OK with slipping in that category and setting with it ?
When we think of those who leave their footprints on the sands of time, we have a mindset to work on those principles and be like them.
But does it really makes a big difference..?
That, how is leaving the footprints going to help a person stay memorable after he is dead and gone. Thats only if you believe in reincarnation of a great figure of history, reborned as average man and forced to read up about himself and memorise the dates he made noteworthy in his past birth !!!
What a situation !!!!
The idea of making a difference in life takes birth not because of being remembered for it but because it gives one immense satisfaction to have lived a life that is worthwhile, one which helped in reaching heights of spirituality.
The actual struggle in life should not be to crawl up to a position that is above average, but to do the best one can, by oneself. The fight is not to leave others behind but to achieve one’s own full potential. After all, what meaning does below or above average hold if the ‘average’ was to pulled up several notches? What happens if all are extraordinary?
Then, the average person becomes extraordinary and thus our goals would be to be like him now. Meaning, that we are just behind the best but not in the path to achieve the best.
Always strive for the extraordinary within you, and if you achieve that, you will automatically be far above average – an extraordinary human, without even having thought about it.
Most of the time what knocks us down is being so caught up in our fears that we refuse to step outside our comfort zone and actually get down to the task of living life as it is meant to be.
A renowned personality once remarked – “ I’m intimidated by the fear of being an average”. To me, the problem is not the fear, as the fear is what helps us push ourselves to stand full stature. The problem is the intimidation – being so affected by that fear that we do nothing about it.
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